Broadway Limited

Stock: 1

4-8-2 M1A PRR

N Scale PRR M1A 4-8-2 #6766 w/sound by Broadway Limited

Stock: 1

2-8-2 Mikado SP

SP 2-8-2 Mikado #746 by Model Power

Stock: 1

2-8-2 Mikado UP

N Scale UP 2-8-2 Mikado #2555 by Model Power

Stock: 1

4-4-0 American SP

SP 4-4-0 #223 American by Model Power

Stock: 1

4-6-6-4 Challenger NP

N Scale Challenger 4-6-6-4 #5140 NP w/Tsunami Sound by ...

Stock: 1

2-8-2 German

German Dampflok BR 042 EP. IV 2-8-2 by Trix

Stock: 1

4-6-6-4 Challenger UP

UP Challenger 4-6-6-4 #3985 by Athearn w/Tsunami Sound

Stock: 1

4-8-8-4 Big Boy UP

N Scale UP Big Boy 4-8-8-4 #4014 w/Tsunami Sound by Athearn

Stock: 1

4-4-4-4 T1 PRR Duplex

N Scale PRR T1 Duplex 4-4-4-4 #5517 w/ Paragon3 Sound by ...



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The Hobby Smith Model Train Store where diligent customer service is our commitment.  We are a full service model railroad store with a large inventory of new and used model trains and accessories for sale. We also have a large in-store operating layout.  Our offerings include special orders, repairs, DCC installations, consignments, and advice.  We offer discounts on Z, N, HO, and O scales as well as Marklin, Walthers, Athearn, Bowser, Roundhouse and other locomotive and rolling stock manufacturers.  Our store has a good selection of books, videos, paints and scenery materials.  We welcome our customers to join in during operation sessions on our in-store layout.