Kato SP 4449

N Scale Kato SP 4449 Daylight Special 4-8-4

The SP 4449 GS-4 Steam Engine is famous for its red, black, and orange paint.  The 300 psi boiler drives the eight eighty-inch drive wheels with 5,500 horsepower!  This 3rd largest steam engine ever built will reach speeds up to 110 mph!

This steam engine was built for passenger service.The GS-4 was built for the Southern Pacific Railroad by the Lima Locomotive Works and delivered in the early 1940’s for the SP’s premier passenger trains, finding its way to the Daylight series of name trains.

Its Mars light was unique; a necessity with all the large amount of grade crossings and fog present on the West Coast. The Mars light, like ditch lights on modern locomotives, was utilized as a warning for grade crossings that a high speed train was approaching, its shifting light patterns was an eye catcher in foggy conditions.  Want to see the real thing? It's housed by the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation here in Portland at 2250 SE Water Ave.  Check their web site for more info.




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