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This is a great Switch Engine - Road Name GN #147

Bachmann has long been known for its low-priced entry level train sets. Beginning in 1990, the company debuted a new line which has raised the bar for the entire industry with every new release.

The first release in the Spectrum line was an HO scale model,  remarkable for several reasons.  It was equipped with heavy metal chassis and new motordelivering some of the smoothest performance available at the time.  In addition to the power under the hood, the models feature a higher level of detail on the shell. These were the first ready to run diesels with separate grab irons. The engines also featured coupler cut levers and a crew in the cab.


Spectrum followed this release with lighted cars featuring detailed interiors that have held up well against today's new quality passenger car models.

The Spectrum steam locomotives came next and were innovative in their attention to detail and smooth operation.  Aside from the many added details, most of which are easy to remove including the sand and steam domes, these steam engines broke the mold by featuring a cleverly engineered drive. For the first time, the open space between the frame and boiler was free of worm gears and motor shafts. In short, this engine was like nothing ever seen in the hobby before.

Since then, Bachmann's Spectrum line has continued to roll out one new release after another - everything from GE industrial diesels to 2-6-6-2's. While others eventually catch up and may even improve on what Spectrum starts, Bachmann seems to continue to think outside the box and raise the bar with each new announcement. One thing that hasn't changed however is Bachmann's commitment to offering these revolutions at a price the average modeler can afford.

And now Bachmann has followed most of their HO releases with similar N scale models. While the smaller size means more molded on details than the HO counterparts, these locomotives still stand up well against the competition in quality and cost.  Also, like the HO market, Bachmann has begun offering complete sets in the Spectrum line. These starter sets stand tall over others for quality. Still affordable for beginners, these sets are a good option for the new-comer who intends to stay in the hobby for a long time.



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