HO Scale SD45 CPR #5494 w/o sound by Proto 2000
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Road # 5494

Item # 857502


* Limited edition - one time run of these road numbers!

* Prototypes in road freight service from 1966 to early 2000s

* 14:1 helical gears for ultra-quiet and smooth running

* Easy multiple unit operation

* Superb paint and lettering

* Metal grab irons and lift rings

* LED constant and directional headlights

* Powerful five-pole, skew-wound, high-torque, high-efficiency can motor

* Low speed under 3 scale MPH

* Proto MAX(TM) Metal Knuckle Couplers

By 1964, six-axle diesels were rapidly evolving from low speed luggers to fast freight engines. EMD continuously updated its Special Duty (SD) series with new models, and celebrated New Years Day 1966 by unveiling six locos powered by variations of its new 645 prime mover. At the top was the SD45, with an enormous 20-cylinder power plant cranking out 3600 horsepower. Timing couldn't have been better as American railroads experienced a surge in traffic and were ready to modernize their fleets. The SD45 proved popular for all types of assignments, and 1,260 were built through late 1971, when it was replaced by the SD45-2. Retirements began in earnest in the 1980s, but many were rebuilt and eventually sold to regional railroads. As of 2011, a few are still in use, and several are preserved in museums.

Based on rebuilt SD45Ms in service from 1995 to retirement in 2007-2010 with:

* NEW - Operating front pilot-mounted ditch lights

* Plated over cab-mounted headlight

* Nose-mounted headlight

* Front pilot-mounted plow

* Long blower-duct sill

* Large Sinclair radio antenna

* Modern-style coupler cut levers

* Nathan K3 air horn on stand

* Dynamic brake vent

* Rear wheel-type hand brake

* Late Flexicoil trucks with 2 high outside mounted brake cylinders





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