TSU 1000 Sound Decoder

TSU-1000 Digital Sound Decoder
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Product: TSU-1000 Digital Sound Decoder

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The Tsunami TSU-1000 is SoundTraxx’s high-performance, onboard locomotive sound system. It's a versatile 1 amp decoder integrating a full-featured sound system, four outputs for using special lighting effects, motor control, and a DCC decoder, all in an integrated package. Complies with NMRA DCC Standards and Recommended Practices.

The TSU-1000 is designed as a one-size-fits-all to fit a large variety of steam and diesel models. The TSU-1000 measures 43mm x 17mm x 7mm (1.68” x 0.68” x 0.25”). Two removable wire harnesses provide connections for power, lights, and speaker(s). The TSU-1000 is especially flexible for installation in older brass and pre-DCC-ready models. An 8-pin NMRA connector can be wired to the power harness to make it a ‘plug and play’ decoder.

Tsunami TSU-1000 can also be used on ‘analog’ layouts and controlled with a conventional power pack.

Tsunami's sound features have superior motor control and lighting effects.  It's unsurpassed in its technological capabilities. A 32-bit digital signal processor provides  a multitude of functions, sound effects, and motor control.

Because of the design and placement of the lights in these models, each decoder is manufactured to suit a particular model rather than prototype.

  • BIG Sound Features
  • Brilliant Lighting Effects
  • Advanced Motor Control

Motor Stall Current: 1 AMP Maximum
Dimensions: 1.68"x0.68"x0.25"
Function Outputs: 4
Function Current: 100mA (each output)
Audio Amplifier: 1 Watt, 8 ohm load





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